The Benefits of Smoking Meat

If you are trying to decide between the grill and the smoker for your upcoming family cookout, there are many reasons to go for the latter. Although grilling is a classic and dependable method of preparing your favorite cuts of meat, the smoker can offer you a long list of unique benefits unparalleled to any other cooking method.

Continue reading to learn the top benefits of smoking meat.

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Inexpensive Cuts

For smoking meat, the best cuts to use are the ones with enough fat and connective tissue to tenderize and fill with flavor. One of the best parts about barbecue is that these cuts tend to also be the cheaper ones. Cheaper cuts of meat work better with smoking since leaner cuts can have difficulty withstanding long hours of cooking without drying out. Common cuts to smoke include pork shoulder, pork ribs, beef brisket, ham roast, and any kind of poultry.


Smoking is most popular for the flavors it adds to meat. When it comes to smoking meat, great results start with the type of wood you choose for your smoker. Wood chips render unique and individual flavors that can be used alone, or in combination with one another, to create new flavor profiles. The hot temperatures and quick burning attributes produce a momentous burst of smoke that gives meat a distinct flavor unparalleled to meat cooked any other way.


If you want a juicy, tender, fall-off-the-bone cut of meat, smoking it will get you there. As fat melts and connective tissues breaks down, the meat is kept perfectly moist during smoking. That is one reason why cuts of meat with high fat and connective tissue tend to improve with smoking, and finish tender and flavorful.


The tradition of smoking meat dates back to ancient times, when it was primarily used as a form of food preservation. To this day, the innovative advancements in the culinary industry allow us to smoke and cure meat with ease and convenience. One of the most common methods of preserving and curing smoked meats include hanging or placing it on racks in a chamber designed to contain the smoke. This drying action of the smoke tends to preserve the meat, giving it a longer shelf life.

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