What is the Difference Between Spare Ribs and Baby Back Ribs?

Whether baby back or spare, you can’t go wrong with barbecue ribs. But do you know the difference between the two?

Barbecue Ribs in Carmel, Indiana 317-688-7290

Barbecue Ribs in Carmel, Indiana 317-688-7290

To an untrained palate, it may seem like all ribs are the same. But to a barbecue ribs lover, the difference is distinct. The confusion often happens with baby back ribs and spare ribs because many diners can’t recall what it is that truly sets them apart.

To understand the difference, you need to know that pork ribs come from the same two places on a pig, and the type of ribs depend on the area in which the meat is cut. Continue reading to learn more about the difference between baby back ribs and spare ribs.

🍖 Spare Ribs

Spare ribs are also known as side ribs. You can think of them as the bigger brother to baby backs. They come from the underbelly of the pig where the bacon comes from. Yes, BACON! Compared to the popular baby back cut, spare ribs are thicker and meatier, and generally come with the sternum, costal cartilage, and flap still attached. These are the ribs that are traditionally prepared St. Louis style or Louisiana style, which is something you will commonly see at restaurants and barbecue competitions. In these cases, spare ribs that are prepared in these styles usually have their costal cartilage trimmed from the top and the flaps removed from the back, giving the meat a uniform rectangular shape.

🍖 Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs are also referred to as loin robs or back ribs. They are cut from the backside of a pig along the spine, which also happens to be very close to the area where pork chops are cut from. Compared to spare ribs, they are less meaty and fatty, and cook much faster; however, they still retain flavors and moisture very well when cooked properly, making them very tender. They are also the more commercially-promoted meat. This actually contributes to their higher price points because they are higher in demand due to mass marketing.

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Understanding the Cost of Catering Service

Before making any final decisions about which catering service to go with for your upcoming occasion, it is important to understand how different types of caterers might price their services. When you sit down with a catering representative at a company of your choice, you may be in for a total surprise when you read the quote they offer you. Furthermore, they may even try to up-sell you on services and amenities you do not need.

To avoid being caught off-guard by an expensive or unnecessary catering quote, it is helpful to understand how some catering services segment their prices, and how to match your catering needs with the right provider in order to save money. With this knowledge, you can ensure that you pay for only what you need. Continue reading to learn some common catering price models, and how to find the proper catering service for your particular event.

BBQ Catering in Carmel, Indiana

BBQ Catering in Carmel, Indiana 317-688-7290

Varying Costs of Catering Services

It is important to understand that catering services differ among providers, from fancy and formal, to casual and simple. The type of catering service you choose will have a major impact on the cost and amenities you receive. If you are planning a wedding, you would want to choose a more formal, all-inclusive service that can additionally provide wait staff, linens, table décor, and more. If you are planning a family reunion at a local park, you could opt for a less formal catering service that can provide hot meals, deliveries, drop-offs, and cleanup, saving you time and money. Overall, the less formal the catering service, the less expensive it will be.

Common Pricing Models

Restaurants that offer catering services generally use a conditional method that is fitting to their unique business model. This means that most catering companies price their services differently. It all depends on their available resources, experience, number of staff, and more. A more accomplished and experienced company may be able to provide lower costs and additional discounted rates, while a new company just starting out may not be able to offer any deals in order to cover their overhead costs. Here is a list of factors that change, and ultimately determine, the total cost of catering service from company to company:

The Distance in Which the Caterer Needs to Travel to the Appointed Destination
The Type of Venue
Amenities Offered (i.e. On-site smoker, chocolate fountain, champagne tower, etc.)
Start Time and Duration of the Event
Number of Guests
Special Requests and Preferences
Type of Food, Beverage, and Dessert Menu
Cost of Food
Requested Number of Catering Staff
And More

Large-Scale Catering

It is also important to know that some caterers use certain “thumb rules” when providing their services that affect the total cost of catering. These rules are specific to each company, and will differ among caterers and their business models. For example, many large-scale catering companies will typically add an additional 5 to 10% of food so there is never a potential for shortage. This also covers them in the case that a dish or part of the menu is dropped, prepared incorrectly, or disrupted in any way. It is like a safe-guard that ends up costing customers more money, but also protects them from a lack of food. It is also good for clients to know that large-scale caterers often charge three times the rate of the actual food cost. This means if they are preparing a dish that is $10 per person, they will charge clients $30 a plate to cover their overhead and services they provide along with the courses.

A Simpler and More Affordable Approach to Catering…

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ

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BBQ Restaurant Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

BBQ Restaurant Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

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Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

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