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If you are looking for delicious smoked barbecue and tasty southern classics in Carmel, visit Rackz BBQ for authentic flavors at an affordable price!

Smoked Meat Dinners in Carmel 317-688-7290

Smoked Meat Dinners in Carmel 317-688-7290

Here at Rackz BBQ, we specialize in home-style barbecue and southern classics, offering an ever-changing and exciting menu filled with a wide selection of smoked meats, savory sides, and delectable starters, all of which are made to order by our culinary experts and chief pit master!

We Have Your Favorite BBQ Meal!

When you visit our restaurant, you will be in for a memorable and satisfying meal. Start with some of our delicious appetizers, like pork belly burnt ends, BBQ chips and dip, homemade pork rinds, and more. And then indulge yourself with one of their smoked meats, including barbecue ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken, pulled chicken, beef brisket, and a variety of combo platters.

But no meal is complete without some homemade, Southern-inspired side items! So be sure to add on some of our custom side selections, like macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, peach baked beans, glazed carrots, French fries, and more! And when you are all done with your meal, it’ll be time to finish with something sweet, like our assorted Hershey’s frozen treats or our rotating pie selection of the week!

Here at Rackz, we make dinner convenient for everyone by offering call ahead and takeout orders. And if you do not want to leave the house, you can simply order our delectable barbecue on DoorDash! For larger gatherings and event, take advantage of our BBQ catering services!

A Family Restaurant in Carmel

There is something for the whole family at Rackz BBQ, and you won’t be disappointed on your first visit! Even better, we are conveniently located in Carmel, Indiana, right off of Hazel Dell Parkway, and just North of Main Street. As a locally owned and operated barbecue restaurant, you can expect hot fresh barbecue at economical prices. Come check out our fantastic deals and delicious meals, today!

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Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ

Rackz BBQ is eager to impress you with our delicious, made from scratch barbecue cuisines. As a Carmel BBQ restaurant dedicated to quality and value, you can trust us for exceptional customer service, neighborhood prices, and most importantly, authentic barbecue fare that you will love. Contact us at 317-688-7290 to place a call ahead order, or to learn more about our menu selections, prices, and specials.

Food Safety Tips for Smoking Meats

Whether you are someone who regularly smoke meats at home, or someone who is ready to try it for the first time, it is important for you to have a full understanding of proper food preparation, safety, and storage. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about food safety and smoking meats.

For Great Smoked Meats and BBQ, Call 317-688-7290!

For Great Smoked Meats and BBQ, Call

To get great results from smoking meats, all you really need is low heat, water, flavored wood chips, a smoker grill, a lot of smoke, and of course, your meat of choice. But to get the best results, you also need food safety from start to finish. Below are some important tips that can help ensure you are serving great-tasting, healthy, and safe smoked meat courses to your friends and family.

Before Smoking Your Meat

Thawing and Defrosting:

If in a frozen state, your meat needs to be completely thawed before you can season or cook it in your smoker. There are three primary methods of thawing meat safely: refrigeration, cold water, and microwaving. The safest and most recommended method is to thaw your meat in the refrigerator. Simply keep the meat in its packaging and place it on a plate to thaw overnight. If you need a faster option, the next best method is to thaw frozen meat in cold water. Just place the meat in an enclosed waterproof plastic bag and submerge it in cold water, changing the water every half hour until the meat is entirely thawed.

The least recommended, but still somewhat effective, method is to use the microwave to defrost frozen meat. To thaw frozen meat in the microwave, you will need to understand your microwave’s defrost settings since make and models vary in operation and performance. Refer to the owners’ manual for instructions on how to defrost frozen meat in your particular make and model microwave. If you choose this method, it is important that you immediately cook the meat once it is thawed.


It is important to marinate your meat in controlled temperatures so that bacteria does not contaminate the food. It is safe to marinate meats in the refrigerator, so long as the temperatures do not exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, you never want to cross-contaminate marinades. If you want to season your meat with your leftover marinade while it’s cooking, you have to boil the liquid first to eliminate the bacteria that seeped out of the raw meat.

During the Smoking Process


When smoking meats, you will need two separate thermometers to keep your operate safe. First, utilize your smoker’s built-in thermometer or temperature gauge to ensure the internal compartment remains between 225 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, use a food thermometer to test the internal temperature of your meat.

The safe internal temperature point depends on the type of meat you are smoking, so be sure to review a chart of recommended meat temperatures. For example, fresh beef, veal, lamb, and pork can be safely consumed at 145 degrees Fahrenheit, while poultry needs to be at least 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit before consuming.

After Smoking Your Meat

Resting and Storing:

After you have finished smoking your meat, you must let it rest for the certain amount of time. Rest time is important because the internal temperature remains constant or continues to rise, which destroys harmful germs. If you are not serving your smoked meats right away, you have to immediately chill them. Do this within 2 hours of smoking completion, or within 1 hour if it is a very hot day.

For large cuts of meat, you will benefit by sectioning them off, storing in shallow containers, and covering them with an airtight lid. Keep them refrigerated until they are ready to be reheated and enjoyed. For best results, you want to consume them within 4 days. Freeze them if you cannot consume them within this time period.

Visit Rackz BBQ for Top-Choice Smoked Meats, Ribs, and More!

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ

Rackz BBQ offers a wide selection of delicious smoked meats and southern comfort foods that are sure to please the entire family. Located conveniently in Carmel, you can stop by anytime for lunch or dinner. Enjoy our made-from-scratch menu filled with traditional barbecue classics, like ribs, brisket, chicken, mac-n-cheese, corn bread, and more! Call 317-688-7290 to ask us about our menu prices, weekly specials, or to make a call-ahead takeout order!

Various Wood Chip Options for Smoking Meat

When it comes to smoking meat, great results start with the type of wood you choose for your smoker. The hot temperatures and quick burning attributes produce a momentous burst of smoke that gives meat a distinct flavor unparalleled to meat cooked any other way.

BBQ Smoked Meats 317-688-7290

BBQ Smoked Meats 317-688-7290

There are several different wood chip options available on the market, all of which deliver unique and individual flavors that can be used alone, or combined to create new tastes. If you are preparing to smoke pork, beef, poultry, nuts, cheese, or fish, you might want to review which wood chip options will give you the type of flavor you are aiming for. Continue reading to learn which options you have to choose from, and how they differ in flavor profiles, composition, burning points, and more.

The Classics:

Hickory – Hickory wood chips are popular because they deliver strong, sweet, bacon-like flavors that are capable of pleasing any palate. Although many claim that hickory wood is too pungent, the aromas produce a strong flavor that is suitable for all cuts of meat.

Maple – In contrast to hickory, maple wood chips deliver a more subtle flavor that can be described as mildly sweet. It is a great “go-to” option for any type of poultry, including chicken, quail, turkey, and small birds. It is also a good choice for grilling cheese and vegetables.

Mesquite – If you are looking for a strong, unpretentious, earthy flavor, mesquite is the classic option to choose. It has one of the hottest burning points among all other wood chips, and works well with any type of red or dark meats, including beef, bison, lamb, and more.

Oak – As a classic wood chip option, using oak can is a full-proof choice because it can be used for any type of meat. It gives off a medium smoky flavor that is slightly lighter than hickory or mesquite. It is commonly blended with other woods, such as cherry, hickory, or apple, but works great by itself too.

Fruit Flavors:

Apple – If you are looking for a fruity flavor that isn’t too strong, apple is the way to go. It delivers subtle sweet apple flavors, and works well with most meats, especially ham. It is a suitable choice for some seafood as well.

Pear – If you smoking poultry and small birds and would like a unique flavor, choose pear wood. You can expect a light, sweet, and fruity flavor.

Cherry – Cherry wood is one of the most popular choices for smoking meats because it can be used for everything. It gives a mild, sweet fruity flavor, and works well with poultry, beef, pork, small game, and more.

Peach – Peach wood delivers a very similar result as pear and other fruit wood chips. It’s a great option for small birds, poultry, and pork.

Mulberry – Mulberry wood chips are a terrific match for pork, poultry, and fish. Because it is very similar to apple wood, it is commonly skipped over as an option. But it is an interesting flavor that is great for white meat and fresh water fish.

Grape Vine – Grape vine wood chips are great for those who want a strong fruit flavor in their product. Even when used sparingly, they will provide a robust, tart fruity flavor that works well with poultry, lamb, pork, and small game birds.

Olive – Olive wood produces results that are very similar to mesquite wood chips. It is slighter lighter in flavor, and works best with chicken.

Nut and Flower Varieties:

Pecan – Pecan is actually another classic. As a fruit nut variety wood chip, you can expect stout fruity flavors in any of your smoked meats. Compared to hickory and mesquite, its flavors are milder.

Walnut – Walnut wood is great for red meats and wilderness game. It delivers a strong and slightly bitter flavor, so it is often combined with other varieties to soften the flavor.

Alder – Alder is a very delicate wood variety that produces soft, mild sweetness in smoked meat. Although most commonly used for salmon, it is also a great option for other kinds of fish, as well as poultry and pork.

Rackz BBQ in Carmel

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ

If you are craving delicious barbecue smoked meats and homemade side dishes, come to Rackz BBQ in Carmel for authentic flavors and great prices! We offer a wide selection of barbecue classics, house-made sides, and tasty desserts, all prepared using the freshest local ingredients. We also offer call ahead take out ordering and catering! Call 317-688-7290 to learn more about our current menu selections and specials, anytime.

Rackz BBQ Has Officially Launched a Brand New Website!

When you’re in the mood for great barbecue, our pitmasters have the tasty cuts and smoked classics you’ll love! And now we have a brand new website showcasing all of our famous menu selections, services, and more!

BBQ Restaurant Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

BBQ Restaurant Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ welcomes everyone to our brand new website! Now our valued customers and surrounding community can enjoy a hassle-free online experience getting to know our restaurant and the wonderful amenities we offer here in Carmel, Indiana! So the next time you crave great barbecue, you’ll know exactly where to go!

See Our Homemade Classics and More!

When you visit our brand new website, you quickly learn that finding your way around is simple! Our HOME page is easy to navigate, and contains various links to all the features and amenities you are looking for. Start by visiting our MENU page to look through our selection of house made barbecue sauces, smoked meats, classic cuisines, handcrafted side items, and decadent desserts. Everything here at Rackz BBQ is made from scratch and carefully crafted using the freshest local ingredients and authentic flavors.

Don’t feel like cooking? You don’t have to! We accept call ahead orders for pickup every day of the week. Simply give us a call, tell us what you want, and pay for it at pickup! We are conveniently located in Carmel, Indiana, right off of Hazel Dell Parkway, and just North of Main Street. You can click the map on our Home page or CONTACT page to get instant directions to our location, anytime! When you come into our restaurant, you are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Just visit our ABOUT US page to meet the team and learn more about our company history! You will see where we get our passion and drive for providing outstanding service and delicious meals at an affordable price. In fact, you can see what others are saying about Rackz BBQ by reading our customer testimonials on our REVIEWS page!

You Have a BBQ Caterer Near You!

How about party planning? If you are planning a party or event, Rackz will provide the food for you! You can check out our CATERING page to learn everything you need to know about our catering options. Our culinary experts provide affordable catering services for all events, occasions, and industries throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana! You can choose from our house menu items, or work with our catering coordinators to customize a meal plan unique to your event. From office box lunches and birthday parties, to tailgate catering, on-site smokers, and more, we have what you need to create a memorable occasion within your budget!

Want a Meaningful Job in Food Service?

Are you a motivated person who gets excited about food? Are you looking for new and stimulating employment that can serve as the start of a long, fruitful, and rewarding career in the food industry? Visit our JOBS page to learn more about the employment opportunities at Rackz BBQ! If you are an energetic and reliable team player with a commitment to outstanding customer service, we encourage you to apply! Go to our Contact Us page and give us a call to learn more about the application process.

Visit Rackz BBQ in Carmel!

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ is eager to impress you with our delicious, made from scratch barbecue cuisines. As a restaurant dedicated to quality and value, you can trust us for exceptional customer service, neighborhood prices, and most importantly, authentic barbecue fare that you will love. Call us anytime at 317-688-7290 to speak with a friendly restaurant manager about our weekly specials, current menu selections, catering information, and to place pickup orders. We look forward to seeing you!