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Whether you have an upcoming party to plan, a special occasion to celebrate, or a spontaneous family get-together, coordinating dinner arrangements has never been easier.

That’s because Rackz BBQ offers professional and affordable catering services for all events, occasions, and industries throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana! And now, we have a brand new catering menu that you are sure to love!

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BBQ Restaurant Catering 317-688-7290

BBQ Restaurant Catering 317-688-7290

Let Us Do All the Work!

Here at Rackz BBQ, we really know how to take away the stress and anxiety of organizing food for a large group of people. We offer a comprehensive catering menu filled with delicious smoked meats, authentic barbecue classics, homemade sides and sauces, local desserts, and much more! You find exactly what you are craving on our catering menu, including everything from racks of ribs and smoked beef brisket, to pulled chicken, pulled pork, burnt ends, smoked chicken, macaroni and cheese, barbecue baked beans, coleslaw, cornbread, and seasonal vegetables!

We offer free consultations to discuss your upcoming event and catering needs, and to review our various menu selections. And if you can’t figure out what you want to order, there’s no need to worry! Our skilled culinary specialists and catering directors can customize a catering menu particular to your festivity’s theme, personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and more!

More Than Just Catering

In addition to our full catering menu, Rackz BBQ also provides several client amenities and catering services. Depending on your particular needs, our catering coordinators can provide anything from delivery and drop off service, to set up, breakdown, cleanup, ala carte, and full-service catering.

Our staffs are fully-equipped and experienced to manage any catering order, regardless of size or scope. We use a concentrated approach to ensure your catered cuisines meet all of your expectations. Whether you need to cater a football team, a family reunion, or game night with the guys, we have the affordable and authentic barbecue cuisines that are sure to please any palate.

Let Rackz BBQ Cater For You!

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ

Contact us at 317-688-7290 to learn more about our barbecue catering services and selections, or submit a free email to tell us about your upcoming event. If you don’t have quite enough people to cater, but still have mouths to feed, keep in mind that we also offer call-ahead and takeout orders! Simply give us a call and tell us what you want and when you want it, and pay upon pick up. Call 317-688-7290 and place an order, today!

3 Top Quality Electric Knives at a Reasonable Cost

If you are someone who enjoys roasting, baking, barbecuing, and smoking meats, a top quality electric knife could come in handy. There are thousands of options on the market for electric knives, all of which vary in blade size, quality, speed, cord length, and much more. In order to ensure you bring home the right match, it is helpful to consider your meat cutting needs before making any final purchasing decisions.

When choosing one to buy, the selection can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. For the average home cook, it is best to choose an electric knife that has a good balance of quality and cost. Fortunately, there are several make and model electric knives that fit this description. Continue reading to review some of our top picks for reasonably priced, top-quality electric knives.

Cuisine Smart CEK40 Electric Knife - For Sale on

Cuisine Smart CEK40 Electric Knife – For Sale on

Cuisine Smart® CEK-40 Electric Knife – $38

This knife comes with a load of features, making it the best “bang for your buck” for someone who just wants a simple, reliable electric carving knife for meat and bread. It is well-noted for its 3 year warranty, as well as, its one-touch safety lock feature and easy-to-release blades. Consumers have also noted that the device can get hot after extended use.

This Product Comes With:

Comfortable Handle
BPA Free Stainless Steel Blades
Wood Block Storage Tray
Bread Blade
Carving Blade
Wooded Butcher Block

Hamilton Beach® Electric Carving Knife – $24

Here is another electric carving knife that comes at a great value. With its durable stainless steel construction and space-saving storage case, you can’t argue the quality you get at this price point. The stainless steel blades are easy to remove and clean, and it is suitable for both meats and breads.

This Product Comes With:

Comfortable Handle
Stainless Steel Blades
Storage Case
Carving Fork

Black & Decker® EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife – $23

Although close to the price point of the Hamilton Beach model, this Black & Decker electric knife is another great choice for simple, everyday meat and bread carving. It is designed with serrated blades and an ergonomic handle for increased comfort and performance, as well as, safety lock features and easy-release, dishwasher-safe blades.

This Product Comes With:

9” Offset Serrated Blades
Comfortable Handle

Are You Thinking Barbecue For Dinner?

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ

Visit Rackz BBQ in Carmel, Indiana for delicious smoked meat entrees, hand-crafted barbecue sauces, and homemade side items, like peach baked beans, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and more. From appetizers and sandwiches, to salads, entrees, and desserts, there is much to choose from on our comprehensive BBQ menu, so be sure to try them all! Contact us during regular business hours at 317-688-7290 to ask us about our menu prices, weekly specials, and more. We accept call-ahead and takeout orders too!

Common Disagreements About Barbecue

Barbecue is one of the world’s most ancient cooking methods. Perhaps this is why there are so many divergences and disputes on the subject. Enough time has passed for people to decide what their take on barbecue is, and many disagree, making it quite a controversial topic. For an interesting read, continue below to learn some of the most common disagreements about barbecue. And if you get hungry after reading this blog, just give Rackz BBQ a call for delicious barbecue take-out in Carmel!

BBQ Smoked Meats  317-688-7290

BBQ Smoked Meats 317-688-7290

🖠 The Spelling

It seems like everyone chooses a different version of spelling for the word, “barbecue.” Common spellings include “Barbecue”, “Barbeque”, “BBQ”, “Bar-B-Que”, “Bar-Be-Cue”, and “B-B-Que.” According to professional historians and world linguists, the correct and accepted spelling is “Barbecue”, since the word is likely derived from the Taino Indian word, “barbacoa.” Other versions of spelling are considered idiomatic and informal.

🖠 The Definition

The term, “barbecue” is used as a verb, noun, and adjective. Not only are there various versions of barbecue all around the world, there are thousands of definitions too. It was Steven Pinker, a linguist and evolutionary psychologist of Harvard University, who said, “People are under the impression that dictionaries legislate language. What a dictionary does is keep track of usages over time.” Keep this quote in mind the next time someone tries to define barbecue to you!

🖠 The Meats

Many people disagree on which meats are considered true barbecue. Some argue that barbecue can only be pork, while others insist it is only beef. There is also a large portion of society that deems both meats acceptable for barbecue, and several others who believe barbecue can also include vegetables, nuts, and more. For instance, hog is the only meat considered to be true barbecue in North Carolina, while the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) says it’s pork, beef, and poultry.

🖠 The Cooking Method

How to cook authentic barbecue is a common dispute within the industry. It is argued that true authentic barbecue should be cooked outdoors over an open fire; but this conception is a little outdated considering the innovative technologies modern day society has available, such as smokers, grills, and more. Others commonly argue that meat must be cooked in indirect heat for it to be real barbecue.

🖠 The History

There are infinite theories regarding the history of barbecue. Such theories suggest that is started with Caribbean and Native American tribes, early colonial settlers, and slavery; while others suggest it is ancient cooking method that began as far back as the hominids during the Palaeolithic and Neolithic eras.

Hungry Yet?

Visit Rackz BBQ in Carmel!

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ

Rackz BBQ is eager to impress you with our delicious, made from scratch barbecue cuisines. As a Carmel BBQ restaurant dedicated to quality and value, you can trust us for exceptional customer service, neighborhood prices, and most importantly, authentic barbecue fare that you will love. Contact us at 317-688-7290 to place a call ahead order, or to learn more about our menu selections, prices, and specials.

Food Safety Tips for Smoking Meats

Whether you are someone who regularly smoke meats at home, or someone who is ready to try it for the first time, it is important for you to have a full understanding of proper food preparation, safety, and storage. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about food safety and smoking meats.

For Great Smoked Meats and BBQ, Call 317-688-7290!

For Great Smoked Meats and BBQ, Call

To get great results from smoking meats, all you really need is low heat, water, flavored wood chips, a smoker grill, a lot of smoke, and of course, your meat of choice. But to get the best results, you also need food safety from start to finish. Below are some important tips that can help ensure you are serving great-tasting, healthy, and safe smoked meat courses to your friends and family.

Before Smoking Your Meat

Thawing and Defrosting:

If in a frozen state, your meat needs to be completely thawed before you can season or cook it in your smoker. There are three primary methods of thawing meat safely: refrigeration, cold water, and microwaving. The safest and most recommended method is to thaw your meat in the refrigerator. Simply keep the meat in its packaging and place it on a plate to thaw overnight. If you need a faster option, the next best method is to thaw frozen meat in cold water. Just place the meat in an enclosed waterproof plastic bag and submerge it in cold water, changing the water every half hour until the meat is entirely thawed.

The least recommended, but still somewhat effective, method is to use the microwave to defrost frozen meat. To thaw frozen meat in the microwave, you will need to understand your microwave’s defrost settings since make and models vary in operation and performance. Refer to the owners’ manual for instructions on how to defrost frozen meat in your particular make and model microwave. If you choose this method, it is important that you immediately cook the meat once it is thawed.


It is important to marinate your meat in controlled temperatures so that bacteria does not contaminate the food. It is safe to marinate meats in the refrigerator, so long as the temperatures do not exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, you never want to cross-contaminate marinades. If you want to season your meat with your leftover marinade while it’s cooking, you have to boil the liquid first to eliminate the bacteria that seeped out of the raw meat.

During the Smoking Process


When smoking meats, you will need two separate thermometers to keep your operate safe. First, utilize your smoker’s built-in thermometer or temperature gauge to ensure the internal compartment remains between 225 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, use a food thermometer to test the internal temperature of your meat.

The safe internal temperature point depends on the type of meat you are smoking, so be sure to review a chart of recommended meat temperatures. For example, fresh beef, veal, lamb, and pork can be safely consumed at 145 degrees Fahrenheit, while poultry needs to be at least 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit before consuming.

After Smoking Your Meat

Resting and Storing:

After you have finished smoking your meat, you must let it rest for the certain amount of time. Rest time is important because the internal temperature remains constant or continues to rise, which destroys harmful germs. If you are not serving your smoked meats right away, you have to immediately chill them. Do this within 2 hours of smoking completion, or within 1 hour if it is a very hot day.

For large cuts of meat, you will benefit by sectioning them off, storing in shallow containers, and covering them with an airtight lid. Keep them refrigerated until they are ready to be reheated and enjoyed. For best results, you want to consume them within 4 days. Freeze them if you cannot consume them within this time period.

Visit Rackz BBQ for Top-Choice Smoked Meats, Ribs, and More!

Rackz BBQ Carmel, IN 317-688-7290

Rackz BBQ

Rackz BBQ offers a wide selection of delicious smoked meats and southern comfort foods that are sure to please the entire family. Located conveniently in Carmel, you can stop by anytime for lunch or dinner. Enjoy our made-from-scratch menu filled with traditional barbecue classics, like ribs, brisket, chicken, mac-n-cheese, corn bread, and more! Call 317-688-7290 to ask us about our menu prices, weekly specials, or to make a call-ahead takeout order!