Top 10 Tips for Barbecuing

Whether you are a beginner or expert at barbecuing, there are 10 easy tips that lay the foundation for great results. Continue reading to learn how you can achieve great barbecue by sticking with the basics.

Smoked Meat Dinners in Carmel 317-688-7290

Smoked Meat Dinners in Carmel 317-688-7290

Choose Quality Meats

Barbecue is known for using cheaper cuts of meat, like pork shoulder, ribs, and chicken. But “cheap” does not mean low quality. Quality meats are local, fresh, and properly stored. Be sure you are not shopping at the clearance section of the meat aisle, nor opting for packaged meat that has been sitting in your deep freezer for the past two years. If you want truly great results, make sure your meat is fresh and safe for consumption.

Do Not Reuse Your Marinade

Using the same marinade more than once is a big mistake. Used marinades contain illness-causing bacteria from the raw meat that was soaking in it prior. The residual bacteria will spoil or contaminate anything else you put back into the bag, which can make everyone very sick.

Season Your Meat With a Quality Rub or Sauce

Never be afraid to spice up your cut of meat before barbecuing. In fact, a quality rub, marinade, or sauce can really enhance the flavor of your smoked meats. Learn from others by looking up recipes online, and asking friends and family for their barbecue recipe secrets.

Use the Proper Wood

Using the proper wood to smoke your meats is crucial to achieving great results. Different woods will render different levels of smoke, so choose one that will compliment your cut and your palate, perfectly. Read our blog that discusses The 4 Most Popular Woods for Smoking Meat to get some ideas.

Soak Your Wood Chips in Water

Soaking wood chips in water prior to smoking is an age-old barbecuing tip handed down from professional pit masters. Soaking wood chips will prolong their life in the smoker, which promotes longer periods of smoldering, thus producing more smoke. Keep some extras soaking in water to toss them in periodically as they old ones burn up.

Always Clean Your Smoker Before Using It

A clean smoker delivers the more honest and natural flavors of your barbecued meats. If you want great results, you have to start with a clean slate, literally. In fact, most manufacturers suggest cleaning smokers and grills after every single use. Read our blog to learn How to Clean a Barbecue Smoker.

Never Add Lighter Fluid Directly to a Lit Grill

You never want to add lighter fluid directly to a flame, whether on a grill, in a bonfire, or a spit roaster. This produces carcinogens that cause immediate flare ups, which can catch the trail of liquid from the bottle and come back at you.

Always Thaw Your Meat Properly

Improperly thawed meats will not render the same taste, texture, color, or quality as meats that are properly thawed from the freezer. Furthermore, they can pose a long list of health risks since they generally stay cold and raw in the center, thus promoting heightened bacterial growth when left sitting out.

Practice Proper Temperature Management

While smoking your meats, it is imperative to maintain proper the proper heat levels in order to save time and money. Purchase a simple grill gauge to monitor your temperature to get even cooking results. Read our blog about Recommended Tools for Smoking Meats.

Maintain Safe Temperatures After Cooking

Once you have removed your cooked meats from the heat, it is important to keep them at safe temperatures to prevent food borne illnesses and digestive discomfort. Read our blog about Food Safety Tips for Smoking Meats.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Barbecue

Spring is here and warm weather is on the way. This means that backyard barbecues will soon be a weekend regular for many families and friends. If you are planning on hosting a few backyard barbecues this season, be sure to catch up on some facts that can help you turn out delicious, juicy, and flavorful barbecued meats, every time.

Continue reading to review some common questions and answers about barbecue, including where you can find the best authentic BBQ takeout when you don’t have time to cook out!

BBQ Smoked Meats 317-688-7290

BBQ Smoked Meats 317-688-7290

Is There a Difference Between Grilling and Barbecuing?

Yes! Barbecuing is a different method of cooking than grilling. Barbecuing involves cooking meat low and slow using indirect hot air in a sealed environment. Grilling involves openly cooking meat over a direct source of heat. Some grills can be used for both grilling and barbecuing; however, if your grill has only one burner, it is for grilling, not barbecuing.

Is it Healthier to Cook With Charcoal or Propane?

There is a study that shows that meats cooked with charcoal contain more carcinogens called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) compared to meats cooked with propane. When meat is cooked, the fat that drips from the meat burns, and subsequently creates PAH-infused smoke, which smothers what you’re cooking. In the same study, it was suggested that charcoal flames burn hotter than propane. This singes the meat even more, which produces another carcinogen called heterocyclic amines (HCAs).

Propane also produces some PAHs and HCAs, so use certain precautions to lower the content of both in your cooked meats. This includes trimming the fat as best as you can, marinating the meat, and flipping meat often. It is even recommended to soak your meat in either in vinegar or lemon juice to reduce PAHs and HCAs by up to 90 percent.

How Can I Make Meat Taste Less Smoky?

There are several things you can do to reduce the level of smokiness in your meats. A popular method is using alder, cherry, or apple wood chips since they are consistent with producing less smoky flavor profiles. You can also burn down your wood chips ahead of time in a burn barrel, and then use the remaining hot coals to cook your meat. Also, be sure your exhaust vent is wide open; otherwise, the smoke will not flow through the cooking chamber properly and add to much smokiness to your meat.

Which Cut of Beef is Best-Suited for Barbecuing?

There are several cuts of beef that make excellent candidates for barbecue. The most popular is brisket, which comes from the cow’s shoulder. Other cuts include rib-eye, sirloin, rump, beef top rib, steak mince, and filet.

How Do I Prevent Meats From Sticking to the Grill?

A clean grill is the best grill. If your grill grates are dirty, anything you cook on them will definitely stick. Try using a thin coat of cooking oil. Not only will this help season your meat, it will encourage food to release easier from the grates. Furthermore, be sure the grill grates are very hot so that the flesh of your meat sears and seals well.

How Long Can Barbecued Foods Sit Outside After Cooking?

In room temperature, the rule of thumb for food safety is to never leave food sitting out longer than 2 hours. However, at a backyard barbecue in the hot sun, bacteria grows faster in meat. So do not let your barbecued meats sit out longer than one hour in temperatures higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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