A Simple and Delicious Smoked French Dip Recipe

If you love smoked meats, then you will love a smoked French dip sandwich. Continue reading for a basic recipe that you can try at home!

Smoked Meat Dinners in Carmel 317-688-7290

Smoked Meat Dinners in Carmel 317-688-7290

What You Will Need


Smoker Grill
Cooking Grate
Medium Aluminum Pan
Aluminum Foil
Pecan Wood Chips
Probe Meat Thermometer
Large Slicing Knife
Large Cutting Board


8 oz. French Dip Au Jus Base (your choice)
4 lbs. Beef, Eye of the Round
Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Coarse Ground Black Pepper
Vidalia Sweet Onions
French Bread Rolls
Sliced Provolone
Creamy Horseradish Sauce

To Get Started

Set the temperature of your smoker grill between 250 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Begin prepping your roast beef by coating the outside in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Set your roast to the side and allow the seasonings to set in while your smoker reaches temperature. This usually takes around 30 minutes.

While still waiting on the smoker, thinly slice the Vidalia sweet onions that you will be sweating down to make your Au Jus. Place them in the aluminum pan, toss them with oil and seasonings, and then set them aside.

Once your smoker is hot, add some chunks of pecan wood to the fire and set up your cooking grate.

Place the roast directly onto ONE SIDE of the cooking grate. Place your pan of onions right next to your roast, on the other side.

Allow 20 minutes to pass, then add 8 ounces of Au Jus base and 2 cups of water to your pan of onions. If you could not locate an Au Jus base at your grocery store, you can substitute 24 ounces of beef stock. Stir up the onion mixture, and then cover it with aluminum foil. Let it simmer on the fire pit until your roast is done.

Next, flip your roast and insert the meat probe thermometer. Set the alarm at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for a medium rare finish. It should take around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach this temperature; but do not trust time, trust your meat thermometer reading.

Once your meat reaches the proper internal temperature (or your thermometer alarm goes off), transfer the roast to a cutting board and cover it with aluminum foil. Allow it to rest like this for 30 minutes.

Once the roast is done resting, you are ready to slice! Cut against the grain of the meat and make thin slices. Transfer the slices of roast beef to your pan of Au Jus and let the juices soak in for a few minutes.

Now just toast your French bread with some slices of provolone cheese, add your sliced beef, top it with some horseradish cream (if you like), and be prepared to dip into your hot Au Jus!

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